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Lelai leads Athletes Commission on ANOC

ELECTED REP: Lelai will lead Athletes Commission on ANOC as the new Chairperson. PHOTO: PNGOC File.


A significant moment for PNG was witnessed with the election of PNG Olympic Committee Board Member, Karo Lelai as the Chairperson of the Athletes Commission for the Association of National Olympic Committee (ANOC).

Lelai’s new position was announced during the ANOC General Assembly which is being held in Tokyo Japan.

She was part of the PNG delegation which included PNG Olympic Committee President, Sir John Dawanincura, Senior Vice President, Mel Donald, Secretary General, Auvita Rapilla and Alu Ravusiro as an observer invited under recommendation by the Women And Sport Oceania (WASO).

Sir John is also on the ANOC Marketing Commission while Rapilla is attending as an ANOC Executive Council member.

Lelai, Donald and Rapilla also attended the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) Executive Meeting as members of the Executive which was held at the same location.

Currently the Chairperson of the PNG Athletes Commission and the ONOC Athletes Commission, Lelai welcomed the role on ANOC as a recognition of the good work being done by the PNG Athletes Commission and the PNG Olympic Committee.

She acknowledged the support of the athletes, national sports federations and the PNG Olympic Committee with its partners.

SPORTS LEADERSHIP: Lelai captained the women’s team to the Pacific Mini Games in 2005. PHOTO: PNGOC File.


“I look forward to working with ANOC, Continental ACs and our stakeholders to promote, protect and enhance the welfare and interests of athletes within the Olympic Movement. I thank my colleagues for the opportunity to lead and intend to do so in the spirit of consultation and collaboration,” Lelai said.

Rapilla congratulated Lelai on her appointment saying that the added responsibility shows the faith and confidence of the other ANOC members in the work and professionalism that PNG has shown.

“This is another positive outcome for the PNG Olympic Committee and the PNG Athletes Commissions because it reflects the work and support that everyone has put in to see that we achieve our goals,” she said.

Lelai is a lawyer by professions and is no stranger to athlete leadership roles having captained the PNG Women’s national basketball team at the 2005 Pacific Mini Games in Palau.

The ANOC Assembly has drawn representatives from all 206 members of the International Olympic Committee for a week of meetings.

It was opened by Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe who outlined reconstruction work in the country in preparation for the 2020 Olympics which will be held in the city.

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