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Strong message sent to sports by Justification Committee

TEAM JUSTIFICATION: First round of justification for Team PNG memebrs has been completed by the PNGOC Justification Committee. PHOTO: PNGOC FILE.


The Justification Committee (JC) of the PNG Olympic Committee has completed its first round of JC meetings with National Federations (NFs) in relation to the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa and the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

The JC is the body responsible for endorsing sports and their athletes and officials to be a part of Team PNG for respective Games.

National Federations on the 2019 Pacific Games sports program were required to submit documentation justifying their sport for inclusion in Team PNG and nomination forms for the individuals they wanted to fill their sports officials’ positions.

The JC met with 18 National Federations over three days, with NFs putting forward their case as to why they should be part of Team PNG and why their nominated officials were the right individuals to manage and coach their respective sports.

The NFs were reminded of PNGOC’s vision for Team PNG to the 2019 Pacific Games, which is to “Create History by winning the Pacific Games on Foreign Soil”.

At the conclusion of their meetings with NFs, the JC deliberated and has reached decisions on each of the sports.

National Federations that failed to submit documentation to PNGOC by the May 18th deadline were not endorsed for Team PNG to the 2019 Pacific Games. These sports were Boxing, Football (Soccer), Judo, Lawn Bowls, Powerlifting, Rugby 9s, Taekwondo and Va’a (Outrigger Canoeing).

Of the NFs that did submit documentation by the deadline, the JC have either granted an extension to submit fully completed forms, or have endorsed the sport and their officials in cases where all documentation was submitted and in was order.

Sports endorsed for Team PNG but have officials either not endorsed or partially endorsed because of non-submission of nominations forms are: Athletics, Weightlifting, Table Tennis, Sailing, Touch, Basketball, Triathlon, Netball and Tennis.

Sports who have been endorsed for Team PNG and have had their officials fully endorsed are: Golf, Shooting, Squash, Cricket, Archery, Badminton and Volleyball.

Rugby 7s and Swimming were given extensions to submit their outstanding documentation.

The decisions of the JC have been communicated formerly to each sport by way of a written letter. Those sports which have not been endorsed for the Pacific Games have the right of appeal to the PNGOC Executive Board. National Federations also have the right of appeal for individuals that were not endorsed by the JC.

Chairman of the JC, Michael Henao reflected on the three days of JC meetings by commenting on the importance of all administrators to be held accountable and fulfill the responsibilities placed on them in their roles, which included ensuring the highest standards of compliance are met in the best interest of sport in PNG.

Henao added, “I want to reassure all stakeholders that the JC – a dedicated voluntary committee – recognizes the efforts of our National Federations and although some of the decisions taken may not sit well with some sports, we take our responsibility seriously and like our sports, we want Team PNG to be made up of the most dedicated and suitable people to ensure its success at the Pacific Games.”

The next time NFs will meet with the JC will be in March 2019 when they will be justifying their final team of athletes to be endorsed for Team PNG to the Pacific Games. This will follow the JC deadline for final team nominations to the Pacific Games set for 27th February 2019. It is recommended that National Federations take into consideration this date when planning selection trials or attending benchmark events.

National Federations are encouraged to contact the PNGOC should they require any clarification on Pacific Games matters.

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