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Nomination period set to close for PNG Olympic Committee board elections

The nomination period for the election of Executive Board members to the PNG Olympic Committee (PNGOC) is set to close on Wednesday, 17th of June at 5pm.

The PNGOC has reminded Members of the deadline to submit nomination forms for the positions of President, Senior Vice President, Male Vice President, Female Vice President, Treasurer, Legal Adviser and Chairman of Fundraising.

Elections for these positions will take place at the upcoming Annual General Assembly on Saturday, June 27th. These will be the first elections held after the adoption in 2016 of the new constitution, which saw changes to the provisions guiding elections.

These changes include voting to be done by exhaustive ballot, with members from Olympic sports having two votes, while members of non-Olympic sports, IOC Members and Life Members having one vote. A majority of the member-nominated candidates of the Executive Committee must be nominated by Olympic sports.

A member national federation is not eligible to vote if its annual membership fee is unpaid or if they are not incorporated with the Investment Promotion Authority. Provisions for proxy voting do exist where a Member may appoint in writing a Life Member, IOC Member or the Chairman of the meeting to be the proxy of the Member and to attend and vote on behalf of the Member.

With the PNGOC now having a term limit of 3 terms (12 years) for Board members, several current Board members will be ineligible to contest these elections.

Terms will also be staggered to avoid the entire committee retiring at once. To achieve this the Senior Vice President, Male Vice President and the Female Vice President will be elected for an initial term of two years (until 2022), with the terms thereafter being 4 years.

For a copy of the PNGOC Constitution and By-Laws -Meeting Procedures visit:

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