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SP Sports Awards cancelled for 2020

CANCELLED: Nominations for the SP Sports Awards will be kept for resubmission in 2020. PHOTO: PNGOC File.


The SP Sports Awards for 2020 has been cancelled.

Major sponsors of the prestigious event, SP Brewery (SPB) cancelled the Awards after holding discussions with partners of the event, the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Olympic Committee and the PNG Sports Foundation.

This is the first time the Awards has been cancelled since its inception in 1992.

“We have been staging this auspicious event for 28 years and this is the first time we’ve had to cancel,” said SP Brewery’s Corporate Affairs Manager, John Nilkare.

Nilkare cited the tough economic times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as the main factor for the cancellation.

“The liquor bans and restrictions endured by the Brewery and its customers under the SOE was the main reason why we had to cancel. Our cash position simply does not allow us to celebrate our sporting successes with our sporting elites,” he said.

Earlier in March, SP Brewery sent written advice to the PNG Olympic Committee and PNG Sports Foundation, support sponsors and the media for a possible postponement due to the coronavirus outbreak. It has now officially confirmed that the event is cancelled.

The SP Sports Awards was launched in February this year, with the close of nominations scheduled for April 3, and the presentation night confirmed for May 30, 2020.

SP Brewery and its partners have agreed to push the Awards to next year.

Health and safety, as well as business continuity, are high priorities for SP Brewery and as much as possible, the company intends to mitigate the risk of a potential spread of the virus, while reducing costs to ensure it can continue to support its staff and their families.

Nilkare said; “The current situation with COVID-19 has presented many challenges to our business which forces us to make tough decisions that will, unfortunately, affect our partners and stakeholders.

"I thank PNGOC and PNGSF for their understanding in these unprecedented times and we look forward to a stronger year next year."

All nominations already received will be kept in file for next year. Individuals or teams intending to nominate this year are also asked to submit their nomination forms next year.

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